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Volume 28, Issue 2, June 2016

MMJ 28(2) Cover


The MMJ: A work in glowing progress
Chiwoza Bandawe
Malawi Med J. 2016 Jun;28(2):36;


Original Research

Motivation of health surveillance assistants in Malawi: A qualitative study
Kingsley R. Chikapupha, Maryse C. Kok, Lot Nyirenda, Ireen Namakhoma, Sally Theobold
Malawi Med J. 2016 Jun;28(2); 37–42;


Malawian impressions of expatriate physicians: A qualitative study
Natasha Parekh, Adam P. Sawatsky, Ihunanya Mbata, Adamson S. Muula, Thuy Bui
Malawi Med J. 2016 Jun; 28(2): 43–47;


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  1. Fanuel Bickton says:

    As a student at the University of Malawi College of Medicine, MMJ is really an excellent platform for student’s academic growth and seeing its impact factor growing to 0.837 over the past seven years is really exciting news to hear. How happy I am seeing my article being published by the hardworking MMJ team! There is no other joy like knowing that I’ve been one of its contributors. I cannot thank MMJ enough for publishing my article but I will try to: A MILLION THANKS.

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