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Editorial Board Members

Prof. Eric S. Borgstein (Chairman)







Prof. Joep J. van Oosterhout


Dr Elizabeth Tilley


Dr Linda Nyondo Mipando

Dr Petros Kayange is a senior lecturer, ophthalmologist and head of ophthalmology unit at College of Medicine, University of Malawi in Blantyre, Malawi. He is a retina subspecialist. He is the lead person in the establishment and development of Diabetic retinopathy screening and treatment services in Southern Malawi. His main research areas include retina, glaucoma and cornea.





Dr Elizabeth Kampira has aPhD in Pharmacogenetics obtained from University of Cape Town. She is interested in pharmacovigilance and pharmacogenetic characteristics of the African population with an understanding of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporter genes involved in susceptibility to diseases and variation in response to treatment. The ultimate goal is to integrate genetic and genomic findings into changes in clinical practice, from bench to the bedside and translate the results into better treatment of patients and prevention of adverse drug reactions among patients.




Dr Chiwoza Bandawe

Dr Patrick Kamalo

Dr Arox Kamng’ona

Dr Belinda Gombachika

Dr Ausbert Msusa

Prof. Nyengo Mkandawire