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Putting a Spotlight on Maternal Health in Malawi

Women are an important part of society we are proud to participate in women’s awareness day (Malawi’s Mother’s Day Celebrations, October 15th 2017), by introducing this Virtual Special Issue that serves to highlight the health challenges and issues women face.

Gender inequality exists in Malawi that affects women more than men. Women constitute more than half of the total population and are marginalized in social and economic spheres. Such inequalities impact their determinants to health.

In this issue, we are privileged to highlight articles that were published in MMJ throughout the years in an attempt to draw attention to factors that impact and affect women’s health as well as offer our readers the opportunity to reflect further on ways in which women’s health can be improved. In essence, this short collection is a celebration of every woman, to empower them with knowledge to make the right decisions to protect their health, well-being and improve their quality of life, because women’s lives matter. #WomensLivesMatter


The patient-provider relationship and antenatal care uptake at two referral hospitals in Malawi: A qualitative study

J Roberts, D Sealy,H Hopp Marshak, L Manda-Taylor, P Gleason, and R Mataya

Analysis of maternal and child health policies in Malawi: The methodological perspective

J Daire, D Khalil

Maximizing HIV partner notification opportunities for index patients and their sexual partners in Malawi

G Kamanga, L Brown, P Jawati, D Chiwanda, N Nyirenda, C Nyirenda, C Mapanje, G Hamela, F Martinson, I Hoffman, MC Hosseinipour, A Pettifor

Exploring fertility decisions among pregnant HIV positive women on antiretroviral therapy at a health centre in Balaka, Malawi: A descriptive qualitative

T Biseck, S Kumwenda, K Kalulu, K Chidziwisano, L Kalumbi

Supra-treatment threshold neonatal jaundice: Incidence in HIV-exposed compared to non-exposed neonates at Queen Elizabeth central hospital in Blantyre, Malawi

W Nakanga, P Patel, S Panjwani, N Kennedy, K Kawaza

Childbirth information feeds for first time Malawian mothers who attended antenatal clinics

Address Malata and Ellen Chirwa

Barriers to maternal health service use in Chikhwawa, southern Malawi

C Kambala, T Morse, S Masangwi, P Mitunda

Maternal health and human rights

Y E Ratsma and J Malongo

Women’s groups’ perceptions of neonatal and infant health problems in rural Malawi

M Rosato, S Lewycka, C Mwansambo, P Kazembe, and A Costello

Contraceptive knowledge, beliefs and attitudes in rural Malawi: misinformation, misbeliefs and misperceptions

EK Chipeta, W Chimwaza, L Kalilani-Phiri

Reproductive decisions of couples living with HIV in Malawi: What can we learn for future policy and research studies?

B Chimphamba Gombachika, E Chirwa, A Malata, J Sundby, and H Fjeld

Four artemisinin-based treatments in African pregnant women with malaria

The PREGACT Study Group: D Pekyi, A A. Ampromfi, H Tinto, M Traoré-Coulibaly, M C. Tahita, I Valéa, V Mwapasa, L Kalilani-Phiri, G Kalanda, M Madanitsa, R Ravinetto, T Mutabingwa, P Gbekor, H Tagbor, G Antwi, J Menten, M De Crop,

Y Claeys, C Schurmans, C Van Overmeir, K Thriemer, J Van Geertruyden, U D’Alessandro, M Nambozi, M Mulenga, S Hachizovu, J B. Kabuya, J Mulenga

Sociodemographic factors influencing adherence to antenatal iron supplementation recommendations among pregnant women in Malawi: Analysis of data from the 2010 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey

A Titilayo, ME Palamuleni, O Omisakin

MaiMwana women’s groups: a community mobilisation intervention to improve mother and child health and reduce mortality in rural Malawi

M Rosato, C Mwansambo, S Lewycka, P Kazembe, T Phiri, F Malamba, M Newell, D Osrin, A Costello

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