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Volume 29, Issue 2

June 2017

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Original Research

Novel approaches to screening for noncommunicable diseases: Lessons from Neno, Malawi

Chiyembekezo Kachimanga, Katie Cundale, Emily Wroe, Emily Wroe, Lawrence Nazimera, Arnold Jumbe, Elizabeth Dunbar, Noel Kalanga

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):78-83


Validation and reliability of the Chichewa translation of the EQ-5D quality of life questionnaire in adults with orthopaedic injuries in Malawi

Linda Chokotho, Nyengo Mkandawire, Devin Conway, Hao-Hua Wu, David D. Shearer, Geir Hallan, Jan-Erik Gjertsen, Sven Young, Brian C. Lau

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):84-88


Psychometric evaluation of the Shona version of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support Scale (MSPSS–Shona) in adult informal caregivers of patients with cancer in Harare, Zimbabwe

Jermaine M. Dambi, Lyster Tapera, Matthew Chiwaridzo, Cathrine Tadyanemhandu, Clement Nhunzvi

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):89-96


Clinic outcomes of the Pathway to Care Model: A cross-sectional survey of adolescent depression in Malawi

Stanley Kutcher, Michael Udedi, Heather Gilberds, Adena Brown, Rex Chapota, Kevin Perkins

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):97-102


Cross-cultural adaptation, content validation, and reliability of the Nigerian Composite Lifestyle CVD Risk Factors Questionnaire for adolescents among Yoruba rural adolescents in Nigeria

Nse A. Odunaiya, Quinette A. Louw, Karen Grimmer

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):103-107


Monotherapy with amlodipine or hydrochlorothiazide in patients with mild to moderate hypertension: Comparison of their efficacy and effects on electrolytes

Daniel C. Nwachukwu, Anthonius A. Eze, Nkiru Z. Nwachukwu, Eddy I. Aneke, Polycarp U. Agu, Nkiru C. Azubike, Leonard F.O. Obika, Onochie I. Okoye

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):108-112


Prescription pattern of antihypertensive medications and blood pressure control among hypertensive outpatients at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Benin City, Nigeria

Oluseyi Adejumo, Enajite Okaka, Ikponmwosa Iyawe

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):113-117


A qualitative study of health education experiences and self-management practices among patients with type 2 diabetes at Malamulo Adventist Hospital in Thyolo District, Malawi

Temidayo Ogunrinu, Thelma Gamboa-Maldonado, R. Ndinda Ngewa, Jasmine Saunders, Jamie Crounse, James Misiri

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29 (2):118-123


Cervical cancer in southern Malawi: A prospective analysis of presentation, management and outcomes

Pandora Rudd, Dermot Gorman, Samuel Meja, Petani Mtonga, Yankho Jere, Irene Chidothe, Ausbert T. Msusa, M. Jane Bates, Ewan Brown, Leo Masamba

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29 (2):124-129


Characterizing cancer burden and quality of care at two palliative care clinics in Malawi

Victoria Mukhula, Daisy Sibale, Lubna Tarmahomed, Charles Dzamalala, Kelias Msyamboza, Steady Chasimpha

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):130-135


Risk factors for common cancers among patients at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi: A retrospective cohort study

Agnes Moses, Albert Mwafongo, Maria Chikasema, Laureen Kafantenganji, Christopher Stanely, Emma Chimzukira, Coxcilly Kampani, Robert Krysiak, Satish Gopal, Nora E. Rosenberg, Carol G. Shores, Mina C. Hosseinipour

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):136-141


Human papilloma virus in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: A descriptive study of histologically confirmed cases at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi

Claire E. Faggons, Charles Mabedi, N. George Liomba, William K. Funkhouser, Fred Chimzimu, Coxcilly Kampani, Robert Krysiak, Nelson Msiska, Carol G. Shores, Satish Gopal

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):142-145


Variations in injury characteristics among paediatric patients following trauma: A retrospective descriptive analysis comparing pre-hospital and in-hospital deaths at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi

Laura Purcell, Charles E. Mabedi, Jared Gallaher, Steven Mjuweni, Sean McLean, Bruce Cairns, Anthony Charles

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):146-150


First aid practices, beliefs, and sources of information regarding paediatric burn injuries among caregivers in Harare, Zimbabwe: A cross-sectional study

Farai Chirongoma, Samson Chengetanai, Cathrine Tadyanemhandu

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):151-154


Intra-abdominal fat: Comparison of CT fat segmentation and bioimpedance spectroscopy
Peter Finch

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):155-159

Maternal biomass smoke exposure and birth weight in Malawi: Analysis of data from the 2010 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey

Edith B. Milanzi, Ndifanji M. Namacha

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):160-165


Risk factors for chronic kidney disease among patients at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital in Sagamu, Nigeria: A retrospective cohort study

Temitope W. Ladi-Akinyemi, Ikeoluwa Ajayi

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):166-170


Factors associated with hospital arrival time after the onset of stroke symptoms: A cross-sectional study at two teaching hospitals in Harare, Zimbabwe

Farayi Seremwe, Farayi Kaseke, Theodora M. Chikwanha, Vasco Chikwasha

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):171-176


Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with stroke admitted in tertiary hospitals in Zimbabwe: A retrospective one-year study

Farayi Kaseke, Aimee Stewart, Lovemore Gwanzura, James Hakim, Vasco Chikwasha

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):177-182


Identifying patients at high risk for obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome in Nigeria: A multicenter observational study

Olufemi O. Desalu, Cajetan C. Onyedum, Adekunle O. Adeoti, Joseph O. Fadare, Emmanuel O. Sanya, Michael B. Fawale, Hamzat A. Bello

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):183-188


Case Report

Challenges of stroke management in resource-limited settings: A case-based reflection

Yohane G. Gadama, Gloria Mwangalika, Louis B. Kinley, Beth Jackson, Henry C. Mwandumba, Jane Mallewa, Tom Solomon, Rob Simister, Laura Benjamin,Maria I. Vargas,

Joseph Kamtchum-Tatuene, Tamara Phiri

 Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):189-193


Special Communication

Reframing noncommunicable diseases and injuries for the poorest Malawians: the Malawi National NCDI Poverty Commission

Katie Cundale, Emily Wroe, Beatrice L. Matanje-Mwagomba, Adamson S. Muula, Neil Gupta, Josh Berman, Noel Kasomekera, Jones Masiye

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):194-197


Trauma care in Malawi: A call to action

Wakisa Mulwafu, Linda Chokotho, Nyengo Mkandawire, Hemant Pandit, Dan L. Deckelbaum, Chris Lavy, Kathryn H. Jacobsen

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):198-202


The epidemiology of noncommunicable respiratory disease in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa

Rana Ahmed, Ryan Robinson, Kevin Mortimer

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):203-211



Exposure to biomass smoke as a risk factor for oesophageal and gastric cancer in low-income populations: A systematic review 

Violet Kayamba, Douglas C. Heimburger, Douglas R. Morgan, Masharip Atadzhanov, Paul Kelly

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):212-217


The challenge of diabetic foot care: Review of the literature and experience at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi

Marianne M. Kasiya, Grieves D. Mang’anda, Sue Heyes, Rejoice Kachapila, Lydia Kaduya, Joy Chilamba, Patrick Goodson, Kondwani Chalulu, Theresa J. Allain

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):218-223


Policy Forum

Improving the screening and treatment of hypertension in people living with HIV: An evidence-based policy brief by Malawi’s Knowledge Translation Platform

Collins Mitambo, Shiraz Khan, Beatrice L. Matanje-Mwagomba, Chiyembekezo Kachimanga, Emily Wroe, Dalitso Segula, Alemayehu Amberbir, Daniela Garone, Peter R.A. Malik, Austrida Gondwe, Josh Berman

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):224-228



Profile Interview: Fanuel Bickton talks to Prof. Rob Moodie on his public health career in non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Malawi Med J. 2017 June; 29(2):229-230


MMJ 29 (2); June 2017


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