A woman with focal neurological deficit following treatment for cholera

Johnstone J Kumwenda1, Arthur Daire1, Olive Mkwinda2, Noel Nazombe3, Atupele Mwale3, Glory Makhumba3, Samantha Musasa1, Fumbani Limani1

1: Kamuzu University of Health Sciences; School of Medicine and Oral Health, Malawi

  1. Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi
  2. Final year students; Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Oral Health, Malawi

Corresponding Author: Johnstone J Kumwenda; E-mail: jonnykumwenda@hotmail.com

A 41-year old woman was treated for cholera at one of the health centers in Blantyre. Two days after discharge from the treatment unit, she developed weakness of all 4 limbs and difficulties with speech. She was referred to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. A CT scan of the brain showed hypodense lesions in the pons. A diagnosis of central pontine myelinolysis was made. She recovered slowly and was discharged from hospital 17 days after admission.

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