Herbal Medicine, Diabetes Care at Primary Care Facilities and Prevention of Vertical HIV Transmission

Adamson S. Muula

Editor-in-Chief, Malawi Medical Journal, Professor and Head, Department of Public Health, The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS),
Blantyre, Malawi

Email address: amuula@kuhes.ac.mw
In this September 2021 issue of the Malawi Medical Journal, three articles which attracted my attention are those by Mbali et al,1 Zimba et al,2 and Pfaff et al.3 Perhaps as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, I should endeavor to be impartial and “love” all the articles the same. This time however, I have selected these articles because they touch on important health issues in Malawi, with Mbali et al, reporting on the use of herbal medicines among individuals living with HIV and receiving life-saving antiretroviral therapy (ART). In a country where about 8% of the adult population is estimated to be living with HIV, this is an important article which raises important issues on the use of complementary, herbal, or alternative medicine use among a large population of our society; and with positive, sometime negative and perhaps neutral consequences.

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